Omega Has Several Brothers Selected for 2013 THON Committees

A number of brothers were selected to be on THON committees for this year. This is no small task as over 1500 people had to be declined.

Nick Lello, Sean McCrea, Peter Blasco are on OPP (operations). OPP is responsible for the set up and tear town of the Bryce Jordan Center for THON weekend as well as keeping it clean. These brothers will participate in several mat cleanings throughout the course of the year and they are a big part of other committee’s events.

Kris Canner is on the Rules and Regulations committee. They are responsible for keeping the Bryce Jordan Center safe and orderly during THON weekend. Rules and Regulations are also responsible for safe canning procedures as well as handling all canning issues that may come up during the year.

Zach Meharey and Ian Brodsky are on Communications committees. Communications is responsible for sending out all information about THON and events. Their motto is “Comm knows all”. This is because they are also responsible for responding the thousands of e-mails that come from outside sources.

David Stoltzfus is on the Finance committee. Finance is responsible for counting all the money that comes in. These include canister solicitations funds, THONvelopes, and alternative fundraisers. During the year they have shifts at canning drop off where they count money dropped off from various organizations. During THON weekend they will count donations as they come in during the weekend so that a more accurate total can be revealed at the end. 

Congraualations to those brothers selected to help support the world's largest student run philanthropy.

To donate to THON click here. Don't forget to designate Theta Chi as your group.