Official Kick Off of Capital Campaign

Click to DownloadDear Brothers,

For a number of years, alumni members of Omega Chapter have discussed the need for a significant capital campaign to provide funds for much needed house renovations. Well, In November of last year, members of the Alumni Board initiated a study to determine if there would be sufficient support among our alumni for such a campaign.

As part of our study, we conducted an analysis to determine what renovations/modifications were needed on the house at 523 S. Allen Street; we contacted numerous alumni to ascertain their interest; we created an information brochure, sent to each alumni brother, to explain the need; and we initiated a separate feasibility study to determine our ability to allow tax deductions for campaign contributions.

While we are still working on this latter action, the board has determined that there is genuine interest among the alumni to support a capital campaign and to make it a success.

So, I am pleased to announce, that in conjunction with Founder's Day 2011, Omega Chapter of Theta Chi, officially kicked off its campaign to raise funds for restoration of our fraternity house. Over the next months we intend to contact every alumni member to ask for their financial help, and if capable, help in contacting other alumni brothers.

I thank you in advance for your support.


Richard Maltz '90
Theta Chi of Penn State