4th Annual Alumni Work Weekend Wrap-U

Once again it was great to have the alumni out working side by side with the undergraduates. This year all the work was done inside the house. While the weekend was geared towards work, on Saturday night after a long day of work, everyone had a great time with some competitive bowling.

The projects we tackled were...

  • Side door painted
  • Piano sanded and painted (a long, tedious effort) 
  • Coal bin cleaned out (what a job that was) 
  • Area between kitchen and dining room cleaned, sanded and painted 
  • Added door to the janitors sink, door was painted and fitted (old door was gone, had to buy a used one and cut to size)
  • New carpet purchased for living room (should arrive Friday) 
  • Old carpet removed from stairs from 1st to 2nd floor and 2nd to 3rd floor and carpet in 2nd floor hallway removed
  • Carpet from living room (old carpet) was sized,cut and fitted to stairs (where carpet was removed) and in 2nd floor hallway 
  • Molding added to 2nd floor hallway 
  • Many carpentry projects preformed by Jeff Damcott - 2nd floor hallway - doorway trim, baseboard "matching" on 2nd floor, and first floor to basement.
  • Wallboard patching on first floor - dart area and area close to porch 
  • Removed old, broken moulding from foyer area baseboard and replaced with new 
  • Repaired loose column between foyer and living room 
  • Removed old skid treads from stairs from first floor to basement and replaced with new skid tape 

We'd like to thank the below alumni for lending either a helping hand, financial assistance or both.

Chris Allocco '84, Rich Bartnik '08, Jason Chottiner '09, Matt Cook '08, Jeff Damcott '91, Williiam Ellmore '53, Nick Geyer '10, Dave Hartwich '09, Leshawn Haynes '09, Bill (William) Hertrick '04, Jake Kerr '10, Casey Leman '10, Richard Maltz '90 , John McElwee Jr. '47, Jared Metzger '09. William Orben '55  and Stephen Rozyckie '92