Send Dancer Mail to the Theta Chi THON Dancers

We will be collecting mail from January 18th to February 10th. You can drop off mail in the mailrooms located on the third floor of the HUB in rooms 324 & 327. They should be labeled/addressed as:

Dancer Number 
Dancer Name

Dancer 114A-- Dan Cartwright
Dancer 114B-- Dan Weinman
Dancer 115A-- Mike Garman
Dancer 115B-- Nate Wysocki

If you will be sending letters via the post office, they should be addressed as:
Attn: Mail Call 
Dancer Number 
Dancer Name 
210 HUB 
University Park, Pa 16802 

CLICK HERE TO DONATE TOWARDS THONFor letters or cards please be as inspirational or motivating as possible. Tell dancers how proud you are of them, and try to include inspirational quotes, stories, or poems. Be creative, thoughtful and original! Here are some fun things to include for packages:
• Crossword puzzles
• Sudoku puzzles
• Madlibs
• Magazines
• Inspirational poems, quotes, or stories
• Homemade gifts
• Photographs of you and your dancer
• Cool little toys
• Tennis balls

Please make sure NOT to include any caffeine or checks in the mail for dancers!

Ed Benish ‘11
Brent Homcha ‘12
Kent Bare ‘12

THON Chairs