Chapter Eternal - Bob Jones '58

Bob M. Jones '58We have been honored to call him our Brother. The condolences of Theta Chi’s extended worldwide family are offered to the family and friends of our deceased brother.

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of:

Bob M. Jones '58
San Diego, CA - September 12, 2011

Honoring the Memory of Bob Jones (1936-2011)

In lieu of placing obituary notices in the Allentown, PA Morning Call and San Diego Union Tribune newspapers, we have chosen to announce Bob’s death by contacting, by e-mail, those with whom he had relationships throughout his life.

Bob passed away on 9/12/11 following a brief acute illness which presented as severe pulmonary distress. It was diagnosed as pneumonia and septicemia; his attending physician suspected there may also have been an underlying malignancy. He struggled to breathe for 6 days and it was a relief to see his suffering end.

Bob was born in Bethlehem, PA, earned a degree in Electrical Engineering at Penn State University and worked as a Patent Agent at the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. He lived in Center Valley, PA where he raised his three children. We married in 1979 and moved to San Diego in 1987, a city he had come to love while traveling with me on a business trip. In addition to his home and family, his greatest pleasures were music, piano-playing, Penn State football, inter-collegiate wrestling, fishing, and investment strategizing.

Bob’s children and I were at his bedside throughout his illness. Rebecca (Becky) is a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, Alan is a computer programmer at Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas and Bill is retired from the Air Force, currently attending college in San Diego. Bill’s girlfriend, Barbara and former wife, Jin were also with us. Jin has always been our 4th Jones “child”.

Bob is also survived by five grandchildren - Anthony Jones, US Air Force presently stationed in Qatar, Amanda Wigle and Zak Jones of Dallas, children of Alan and Susan, and Trevor and Wesley Reynafarje of San Diego, sons of Becky and Mariela Reynafarje,  a twin brother, David Jones of Warminster, PA and my son, Scott Monaghan, of Schnecksville, PA.

We were married 32 years in March and particularly enjoyed many years of travel together. In July/August of this year we took a 3 week trip to England with Friendship Force followed by a 3 day visit to Dallas for our grand-daughter Amanda’s wedding.

For those who may wish to honor Bob’s memory with a gift, we have selected Friendship Force of San Diego County to be the recipient. Bob was a Board member of this organization which has as its mission the furtherance of friendship, love and peace by developing friendships with people throughout the world. Contributions may be sent to the Robert Jones Memorial Fund, Friendship Force of San Diego, c/o Roy Hattendorf, 5142 Glen View Place, Bonita, CA 91902. Money from this fund will be used to enhance the cultural experiences of Friendship Force members from other places while they are guests in our homes in San Diego.

A Memorial Service is being planned for a later date.

Barb and family