2011 Homecoming Meeting Minutes

A. Call to Order – 5:05pm

  1. Introduction of officers
  2. Introduction of Alumni and Undergrads 

B. Reading and Approval of Minutes from 2011 Founder's Day Meeting

  1. Motion to waive the reading of the minutes was made and approved by vote

C. Reports of Officers and Committees

  1. Undergraduate President Jeremy Railing
    • Membership
      • Currently 46 undergraduate brothers
      • 6 New Members in the Sigma class
    • Chapter House
      • 35 Brothers currently in house
      • We now have a house cook!
    • Academics
      • 3.22 Average for Spring 2011-(improved from last year and higher than all-male average)
    •  Intramural Sports
      • Finished last semester in 3rd place overall
    • Homecoming
      • Won overall Homecoming Competition
      • Partnered with Society of Women Engineers-Theme: Mario
        • 1st place float
        • 1st place t-shirt
        • 2nd place overall in Airbands (top Greek organization)
        • 2nd place banner
        • 3rd place carnival
        • 4th place Mad Hatter (2nd place greek organization)
    • THON
      • Raised almost $5,000 on first canning trip, next is December 2nd-4th 
      • Visits with the Bobby family
    • KICKS
      • Date set for November 5th with Alpha Xi Delta, supporting Autism Speaks
    • Alumni Relations
      • Alumni Tailgates at football games
      • Special Events
      • Scholarship dinner-November 16th
      • Pledge Bolt to Philadelphia - November 6th
      • Dinner with Penn State President Graham Spanier - November 7th
    • National
      • LEC Beau Slayton visited last week, visit went well
      • Voted NAtional officer Jereme Grinslade an Honorary Omega Chapter Brother
        • alumni also awarded Jereme a national certificate of appreciation for his work on managing the chapter house during the Norwich ownership
    • Awards
      • Earned 10 Chapter Excellence Awards in Scholarship, Recruitment, Service and Philanthropy, Alumni Programming, Finance, Ritual, Internal Cooperation, Campus Involvement, Risk Management, and Social
      • IFC Chapter of Excellence - Everything on track with Chapter Accreditation to get IFC Chapter of Excellence this year
  2. Undergraduate Treasurer- David Stoltzfus (download P/O statement)
    • University collection funds from undergraduates, but some brothers haven't yet paid and that is hurting the cash flow. Brothers cannot schedule classes or graduate owing money to house.
    • Omega received an exception from National's OmegaFi program
    • House laid out money for beds, and requested alumni pay for the mattress.
      • Chapter asked to send paperwork for Alumni Treasurer to work out the payment
  3. Alumni Treasurer Report: Chris Burke
    • House Ownership - form committee of two alum and two actives to discuss the following
      • Subleases to be given out before end of each semester
      • Room check in and out 
      • Room Keys need to be returned
      • security deposits
      • summer housing and storage of belongings
    • Move in process will be in effect at the beginning of next fall
    • House will be professional House clean each summer
      • Alumni Work Weekend - undergraduates asked to pick a weekend in the spring for the next alumni work weekend. Ideally that weekend should have a sporting event for alumni/group to attend that weekend.
      • National Convention is July 4 - 7 in Palm Springs, CA - alumni will pay registration for two brothers to attend, but they must receive the Key Man award for attending all events.
        • may cover some additional costs - yet to be determined
      • Laundry Machines - we are interested in replacing laundry machines. Could buy 2 washers and 2 dryers with 5 year warranties - machines would be free to use, but would raise monthly rent by 10 to 15 dollars a month. 
        • Undergrads need to decide if they want to buy them on their own and keep all the revenue from the increased rent, want to split the cost and revenue with alumni corporation or if the alumni corporation should buy them and keep all the proceeds - undergrads will let us know.
      • Dishwasher for kitchen
        • Do we want a dishwasher or two sinks? Discussion seems to be that a dishwasher would be best, even though it has more issues with service and repairs- a stainless steel wall will be place on the wall where the dishwasher is placed (same location as other).
      • Windows
        • Discussion on doing the windows on the 1st and 2nd floors. 2nd floor might not be livable during this process (most likely the summer), so house could be closed during the summer.
    • Don't forget to please stop by the cocktail party after the meeting. Food and drink will be provided (with the help of Mrs. Bartnik cooking - please thank her for all her had work)

D. Old Business

  1.  Capital Campaign - Richard Bartnik discussed next steps in the capital campaign
    • we will approach the top 100 potential donors first
    • Alumni board has already pledged $50,000 toward campaign
    • received approval from Society of Greek Housing for 85% of our proposed work to be tax deductible for donations
    • discussion of what level of giving should receive tax deductions - alumni board will set a minimum giving level at a later time

E. New Business

  1.  Elections - the new board of directors for the alumni are.... 
    • Chris Bartnik
    • Richard Bartnik
    • Chris Burke
    • David Hartwich
    • Richard Maltz
    • We thank Jim Stuhltreager for his board work over the last 5 years. We also like to thank those bothers that stepped up to help - Andrew Bott, and Jansen Marshall.
    • Alumni Board will meet later to elect a preisdent, treasurer and secretary.
    • Alumni Corporation gives Chris Burke national Certificate of Appreciation for all his time, effort and hard work on securing the alumni corporation a mortgage

F. For the Good

G. Adjourn: "It is to thee Dear Old Theta Chi"