Chapter Raises $29,282.92 for Dance Marathon


From all over the campus the acronym "FTK" (For The Kids) meant more this weekend than ever. At the end of 46 hours, all the weary dancers were finally able to take a relaxing break and allow their ailing legs and sleepy eyes the chance to recuperate. That was until the total was disclosed... THON 2010 once again broke the previous years overall total of $7.4 million to over $7.83 million! As the stands and dancers rejoiced in jubilation, our very own Fraternity had reason to celebrate. Our goal this year was $25,000 and it seemed quite steep, but attainable. After countless hours of THONvelope counting and canning on the sides of businesses and intersections, we found out our total, which was $29,282.92!!! This marks another consecutive of dominating our goals for THON, this particular year by $1,600. Last year we raised just over $16,000 and to raise an additional $10,000 really goes to show how our chapter is truly putting in their best efforts for THON.

During THON, the chapter had a wealth of support in our stands and on the floor. Between a gingerbread man and Bert/Ernie costumes, the undergraduates in the stands never stopped dancing and supporting our four dancers this year. With visitations from Alumnus brothers Jasen Marshall, David Hartwich, Thomas Heffner, Joseph Arranowski, LeShawn Haynes, and Timothy Uhrich, the outreach of our recent-Alumni core could clearly be felt. We also had a strong support from our undergraduates in the operations of THON. Undergraduate Brothers Brent Homcha, Aaron Speagle, and Mitch Hulderman were involved with OPP, Brothers Michael Cronin and Kent Rentschler were involved with Finance, Brother Joseph Kampman was involved with Technology, and Brother Casey Leman was our only Moraler.

L to R: Nick Geyer, Sean Haggerty, Jared Case and Kent Rentschler - 2010 Dance Marathon

Some quick numbers for your interest:

701 of the 708 dancers finished the 46 (Our four all completed the task)
42 line dances were performed
12,600 inches of Subway Sandwiches were donated
5 slides of strength
12 bottles of baby powder were used per slide

Honestly, the chapter could not have completed this monumental task without the support of all Alumni and Undergraduate members, and as we look to THON 2011 we will find that our goals will be higher and we will surpass even our greatest expectations.

FTK and Fraternally,

Nicholas Geyer