Chapter Advisory Board Started to Assist Chapter

In response to recommendations from several Theta Chi national volunteers and staff, and to better serve the undergraduates, the alumni of Omega Chapter have decided to pursue the formation of a Chapter Advisory Board. A Chapter Advisory Board, or CAB, is a group of advisors who work on a consistent basis with undergraduate chairmen and officers to improve and maintain chapter operations. Such key topics as Recruitment, Risk Management, and Standards are represented on the board, which is reflective of the division of power within the chapter itself. The CAB assists the Alumni Corporation, allowing board members to focus primarily on alumni event planning, alumni communication, and the finances of the chapter house. The CAB will go through a trial period this Spring, with a By-law accommodation to potentially follow at the Homecoming Alumni Corporation meeting in the Fall of 2010.

The Chapter Advisory Board is a great way for undergraduates to transition into active alumni, as running for the Housing Corporation board is not always an option. Those who have volunteered to serve or have been drafted into service for this first semester have proven themselves competent and dedicated officers, and will be a great resource for the current undergraduates. The current Chapter Advisory Board for the Spring of 2010 is as follows:

Risk and Social Advisor - Jared Metzger '09

Ritual and Standards Advisor - David Gendelman '07

Recruitment and Scholarship Advisor - Timothy Uhrich '09

Business and Corporate Relations Advisor - Andrew Bott '08

Membership Development Advisor - Jason Chottiner '09

Property and Budget Advisor - David Hartwich '09

THON and Public Relations Advisor - Jared Case '10

As the CAB develops, we will be looking to diversify age and experience. At present, the Chapter Advisory Board is constructed to retain the knowledge and experience gained in the 8 years since the reorganization. Ideally, some CAB members will reside in State College or in the near vicinity, and flexibility of schedule is a key. The CAB has one more member in the works, as the chapter is in the process of acquiring a faculty advisor. At present, there is no defined size to the Chapter Advisory Board, and it is not a voting body. We are still potentially seeking:

Financial Advisor (accounting, tax liability, or commercial loan experience preferred)

Legal Advisor (corporate or group liability, building codes, or contract law experience preferred) 

Those wishing to get involved or submit themselves for consideration as advisors to the chapter should contact Tim Uhrich.

Tim Uhrich '09