Second Annual Alumni Work Weekend - Weekend of Feb 28th

Over the years I have heard that sequels are never better than the original. Many Star Wars fans will argue that the Empire Strikes Back was better than a New Hope. One thing I do know is that the Second Annual Theta Chi Alumni Work Weekend will be better than the first one! I am counting on you all to help me make that happen.
The undergraduate chapter continues to make us proud. This past year they won Homecoming Overall for the second year in a row and they completed the Intramural Volleyball Three-peat!

We would like to continue the progress that has been made on the house at this year’s alumni work weekend on February 27 - March 1st. Last year we got a lot of work done and reconnected with old friends.

We are asking that each brother bring $50 to donate to a repair fund to be used on projects during the weekend. If you cannot make the trip to State College you can still support the weekend by sending your donation for the Reunion Weekend to:

Richard Maltz
Theta Chi of Penn State
185 West End Ave #18H, NY NY 10023
please make the check payable to "Theta Chi of Penn State".

Schedule of Events

Friday - February 27th

Evening - Meet and greet with undergraduates and alumni brothers

Saturday - February 28th

10:00am - Breakfast at the house and break into teams to begin projects (Projects have yet to be determined)
Afternoon - Fix up the house
6pm – Men’s basketball vs. the University of Indiana Hoosiers (visit the Skellar)

Sunday - March 1th

10:00am - Breakfast at the house and finish projects and clean up
Afternoon - Departures

Any question please feel free to e-mail me or Richard Maltz.

We look forward to seeing you.


Chris Bartnik '91