Undergraduate President's Update


Here we are getting ready for another promising fall at Theta Chi, Omega Chapter. We have a lot to be thankful for, a lot to remember from this past semester, and even more to look forward to for the future. I am honored to be leading Theta Chi at Penn State into another fall semester that looks promising and fun-filled.

There were many firsts for Theta Chi last semester: we had our first brotherhood retreat in many years and we had our first alumni work weekend in recent history. With those and the many other events ending very successfully, the fall only looks to be brighter and bigger.

Recruitment always tends to be our main focus for the first few weeks of each semester. Our brothers understand that recruitment is a 365 days a year process, but more energy, planning, and creativity always seems to go into those first few weeks of each semester trying to get new freshmen interested in our fraternity and excited to become a part of something bigger at Penn State. This semester we have new recruitment brochures that were created with the help of our awesome alumni corporation that give insight to the many achievements and qualities of Omega Chapter. These pamphlets give important information to recruits and are great tools for hesitant parents. This semester we are aiming high once again, and so far we are doing great with finding new recruits at involvement fairs, rush events, and through networking on campus.

Another fall favorite for Theta Chi is homecoming. It’s a great time to take a break from some of the college stresses and participate in events that challenge creativity and teamwork. This year we are teaming with Omega Phi Alpha Sorority to once again bring home the gold with “A Little Mermaid” theme. Homecoming 2008, “Inspired by Tradition,” will be October 12th through the 18th with the game against Michigan on Saturday, October 18th at 4:30pm.  As always, we are very excited to see our alumni return to the hallways of 523 South Allen Street to share their stories and experiences.

We have many other events going on at the house throughout the semester. Please stay tuned as these dates become available. Some events to look forward to are Alumni Appreciation dinner, rush events, Homecoming, and Initiation. We are always encouraging our alumni to stop by the house whenever they can, so if you’re ever in the area, feel free drop in and take a look around.  We like hearing your stories and we have plenty of our own to share with you.


James Patterson
Omega Chapter
Theta Chi Fraternity