Undergraduate Room Pick Draft

The Room Picks Draft (see photos below) is quickly becoming a tradition in the Omega chapter. It runs in a similar fashion to the NFL draft that we're all familiar with. The rooms are picked in an alternating order between doubles and singles, so that if you pair up with another brother, you have a chance of getting in a better room. The order of the draft is determined by a points system derived by the president. A brother can accumulate points by taking on fraternity or interfraternity positions, having a little brother, having perfect chapter attendance, paying dues on time, and also can gain points for every semester he's a brother.

A commissioner is needed to answer questions and announce the picks. Last year's commissioner was Br. James Nasralla, and I was this year's commissioner. The typical experience at our draft consists of a brother having five minutes to choose where he wants to live during the next year. From there, he hands the commissioner a piece of paper that has his room number choice written on it. The commissioner then walks to the podium and announces to the brothers: "With the #st picks in the 2008-2009 Theta Chi Omega Room Picks Draft, Brother (insert name) selects room ###. Then, the brother and the commissioner take a picture together near the podium shaking hands and holding a piece of paper that has the chosen room number on it. From there, the next brother(s) has 5 minutes to choose their room, and so on...

For the second year in a row - Room# 303 (L shaped room facing the Krappers and the parking lot) was the first pick.

Everyone seems to have a lot of fun during the draft. Trades are allowed (anything and everything), which usually makes the process quite interesting. Enjoy the pictures from the draft! We have 26 brothers living in the house next year!


Jason Chottiner
Room Draft Commissioner
Alumni Relations