Memories of Rob Scavello '88

I was fortunate to meet Brother Scavello through his wife Kate, with whom I went to law school. I'm a brother from the Delta Mu chapter at the University of Texas.

In short, Rob was a great guy, the kind of person that you could talk to about pretty much anything in the world and enjoy the conversation. I always got a kick out of seeing him because we'd give each other the grip and Kate would give us that "what the hell are these guys doing still giving secret handshakes" look (not that she objected whatsoever – she loved Rob's friends from the frat). Rob always reminded me a lot of the guys that were in my chapter back at UT, and I probably reminded him of his brothers at Penn State. I was at his 40th birthday party last August along with many of his Omega brothers. It was a wonderful time – the drinks were flowing, everyone was having a good time, and I think I helped closed the bar down. I know that Rob probably closed down a lot of parties in his time, but boy did he deserve to do it more.

I thank God for our fraternity, for bringing us together if but for a short time.

I'm interested in pitching in to buy a brick for Rob at IHQ, so please let me know if this is something that others have discussed.


Jake Olcott
Delta Mu Chapter
Alpha Epsilon Pledge Class (Class of 2001)
University of Texas at Austin


Just a quick note to thank you, and Anthony Panichelli, in particular, for the video memento to Rob. He was a friend of mine at Darden, and I was shocked and saddened to learn about his passing. I am in Austin and was unable to attend his memorial - so I appreciated even more your video as a way to connect again, however briefly, with a friend I will miss.

Thanks and take care

Michael Luchs
Sigma Nu, Tufts University - 1990