Undergraduate Chapter President Update

The Omega Chapter is running well in the Spring of 2007. Our executive board is a lot younger than past years, with all of the positions being occupied by very capable Sophomores. We have brought in a class of three new members this semester. It is a smaller class, we know, but we plan on holding a second rush this semester in attempts to capitalize on various gentlemen who had shown interest in joining a fraternity on this campus, but were not given bids. If we get a large turnout of solid guys, we plan on holding parallel pledge classes with two different marshals. It's a crazy idea, but it just might work out brilliantly.

Our THON efforts were not as good as past years, but with every small failure, you learn where to capitalize. We have many brothers who know what is needed to get us over the hump of being that small fund raising fraternity. We plan on doing more pledge booking trips, having better canning trips, and trying to get some corporate connections to reach a much higher goal.

The house is currently under much needed renovations. With the help of Greg Butts and his FratFix crew, our third floor is being completely remodeled. At the moment it is completely naked. You can stand on the Phi Sig side of the third floor and see all the way to the Prospect side of the floor. By June at the latest, the third floor should be a beautiful attraction to all onlookers. The roof is also going to be redone, the chimney is to be capped, and we also may get some new appliances in the kitchen.

We will be participating in Greek Week in the next couple weeks. We are partnered with AEPi and ADPi in a Triad. Both organizations are very thrilled to be working with us, and all signs point to Greek Week being a great experience for all.

As always, the brothers would love to see alumni come around once in a while, OR OFTEN. We have managed to rebuild ourselves nicely in the past 5 years, but we can be so much bigger with alumni support. We hang those composites on the walls in hope that someday you guys will walk back in and find yourself up there and remember the old times. We love hearing stories from the old days. Oh the nineties. 


Jason Chottiner