2006 OX Golf Open Update

3 Days to the Open - May 5thThe count is 32 to date, which will be an all time record. Below is a list of confirmed Golfers and brothers only attending the banquet.

Golfers Confirmed  
Ed Beidel
Dave Matthews
Gary Meyers
Tony D'Julius
Evan Rosenburg
Brian Fleuhr
Tony Bernardo
Ron Biernacki
Mike Dalesio
Ken Oeschger
Bob Mooney
Vic Howe
Paul Cunningham
John Wszalek
Dan McTague
Bob Hunter
John Loyle
Dave Beisswanger
Chris Bagshaw
Scott Wickel
Tristan Stancato
Liz Mooney
Dave Douglas
Mike Perkins
Dan Powell
Buddy Zovath
Ed Kivitz
Banquet Only
Kurt Rohrbach
Bill Rooney
Jay Hoffman

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Mike Perkins '76

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