Chapter Updates

Dear Brothers,

Below is a chapter update on academics, homecoming participation and Social activities.


Our chapter's average GPA for 31 students from last semester is 3.39. Of the 47 chapters that make up IFC we have the #1 GPA! Our overall GPA is 8th out of the 81 greek organizations in all 4 councils.

Mike Crawford (Scholarship Chair)

Social Activities

During the past semester we've been involved in several social events. One of these was a live band, "Brothers Apart", which performed at the house for a large audience. Everything went very smoothly and everyone had a fantastic time. We also had a cookout with Sigma Alpha Sorority, where we grilled up some burgers and hotdogs and entertained ourselves with frisbee, horseshoes, and football. Last but not least, we also had an ice rink social with SNAPs (Student Nurses of Pennsylvania aka Sexy Nurses at Penn State). We played a game of broomball with the girls, and then had an after party at a brother's apartment.

Future events include a tailgate and socials with Gamma Sigma Sigma, our homecoming partner.

Rob McHugh (Social Chair)

Homecoming Participation

Homecoming planning is now in its final stages. Our parade and event theme of Candyland is lending itself well to vibrant colors, what I am told is rather good airbands performance, and much discussion and constructive ideas. Our paired sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma continues to tell me how excited they are for homecoming week, and all seems to be going well. Final registration is Wednesday of this week and the actual competitions start the week before homecoming. Hopefully we will be celebrating Homecoming not only with parents and brothers, but as many of our esteemed alumni brothers as can make the trip. This year's homecoming is guaranteed to be a blast. Hope to see you there.

Tim Uhrich (Homecoming Co-Chair)