Chapter Vice President on Greek Pride

A return to glory process has been growing slowly over the past year and a half. This past Wednesday, the signing of the Dream Statement occurred in Old Main. This formally showed the Penn State administration the Greek commitment to improving Greek Life on campus. Additional information about the project can be found at Greek Pride website.

A large part of this Wednesdays activities was the reviewing of the standards for excellence. A document which lists in detail the minimum standards that a chapter must have to be recognized. There is also a similar list which explains what a chapter must achieve to be considered a “Chapter of Excellence”. With this standing there are many rewards which the university will offer. 

Fortunately, there are only a few small details which Omega Chapter are missing and if this whole program were to take effect today we would most likely be named a “Chapter of Excellence” with little or no effort. The whole standards and rewards system will be under further review over the next few months and should be in full effect near the end of the school year. Form that point, a “soft” compliance point of 1 year will most likely be made. The compliance is soft because the gold of the Greek Pride commitment is not to kick off chapters that are deficient, but rather to foster their growth and improvement.
Currently many of us are very involved in the Greek Pride initiative working in Bold Action Teams which are listed in the sub sections of the dream statement.

Jacob Wolf
Vice President-Theta Chi Fraternity
Omega Chapter