2005 Dance Marathon Report

This year for THON, Theta Chi has teamed up with the same partners as last year, Service Learning Coordinators (SLC) and the Undergraduate Student Leaders (USL). The relationship that we had fostered last year between ourselves and our family was one which we felt would work very well again this year. So far, we have raised almost the same amount of money as we did last year. This especially good news since we still have 2 canning weekends left. Up to this point we have canned in D.C., Harrisburg, Allentown and other various day trips around the state. Participation this year is much higher than last year and we have created a point system to pick the dancer when the time comes.

Our fundraising goal this year is $12,000. This is double what we raised last year and seems well within our reach. If you are interested in donating to THON this year there is a secure donation link on the THON website please make sure to select Theta Chi in the dropdown box near the bottom. 

This year there is a potential that we will have two families. Our current family, The Knauss family, were a huge motivation to all of us who danced last year. The fact that they still wanted to be involved even after their son passed away is inspirational. We will have final confirmation on our new family in the near future.

We are incredibly excited about THON this year.

For the Kids,
Jacob Wolf and Scott Harding