Undergraduate President's Letter

This past semester has been one of great strides for Omega chapter. Coming back from the summer winning 7 awards at convention was only the start. We have improved in virtually every aspect of operations and brotherhood. First and foremost, we have recently initiated 10 new brothers into our chapter. Being able to answer other Greeks questions of how many did you initiate by saying "10, we doubled our chapter" has been a great feeling. We already have the beginnings of a list formed for next semesters recruitment where the thoughts of doubling our chapter size are within our sights again. Secondly, I would like to officially congratulate the recently elected executive board. After a long night of votes and re-votes, the 2005-2006 executive board members are: President- Avi Sadiky, Vice President- Jacob Wolf, Secretary- Max Staplin, Treasurer- Matt Factor, Marshall- Scott Harding, Chaplain- Rob Blumstein. The motion to add Social Chair and Recruitment Chair to the exec board was also made and those positions will be appointed in the near future. Additional chair and position appointments applications are out and the candidates will be selected shortly.

Omega chapter has also been staying very involved with the national fraternity. This year we sent two groups to the bi-annual Mid-Year Leadership Challenge which is held in the spring and the fall. The groups attended sessions at the University of Massachusetts and George Mason University. At these sessions, the brothers learned new tools to bring to the chapter to help with recruitment, standards, finances, alumni relations and a variety of other areas. In addition, a new educational program was handed out by the Headquarters staff. This program is based of the creed and divides each chapter in the education packet based of each consecutive line in the creed. The program is fantastic and will be used starting with the next new member class.

As this semester comes to a close, we have been setting goals for the next semester. Recruitment and social goals are at the top of our list. We are also hoping to maintain the high GPA which we have been doing well at. Also, we are hoping to improve our chapter in all aspects so that we may be a major contender for the Howard Alter award, an honor which has never been received by Omega Chapter.

Finally, I would like to thank all of the Alumnus Brothers and their families who have made it out to visit this past semester. Your support encourages us the most and we hope to see all of you again next semester.

Jacob Wolf
President-Theta Chi Fraternity
Omega Chapter