Chapter President's Letter


First, I apologize for the poor communication from the Undergraduates. We will keep a more open line of communication in the future.

About the thermostat: it's been at 50 degrees. In January, I turned up the heat a little bit for a few hours for a Formal Chapter we were conducting in the house. If that causes too much of a problem on the financial end, we will refrain from turning up the heat in the future. Although I don't believe that will be a problem now with the weather improving. I'm not aware of the situation with the water meter, but I believe Jacob is working on it—he should have more information on that for you.

Recruitment is going ok. We will have 3 new members this semester, which will bring our total up 14. We expect to have 10-11 brothers living in the house next fall--one brother is graduating this Spring, one is leaving for a year to join AmeriCorps, and one (possibly another) signed apartment contracts before joining Theta Chi. I realize this number is smaller than what you have been hoping for, but I don't believe you could have found a better group of guys than these 14 to rebuild this chapter.

Outside of recruitment, we are currently reaching out to nearby chapters. Our Chaplain, Matthew Schwartz, has been in contact with the chapters at Cornell and Drexel. We're hoping to plan a few visits to these and other chapters to offer our assistance and also learn from them.

This past month, particularly this week and the last, has been rather cumbersome with exam season in full swing. However, each brother has undertaken a project to better the chapter (i.e. contacting other chapters, organizing community service activities, fundraising, etc.). My particular project is to publish via email (and our website, once it is available to us) a monthly or bi-monthly undergraduate newsletter to the Omega Chapter Alumni. If you could provide me with an electronic copy of an email list of our chapter alumni, or point me in the direction to where I can obtain an electronic copy, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, any advice/suggestions on items to include in the newsletter would be great. My goal is to have the first newsletter out by mid March and it will include information on the current brothers and what we've been doing for the past semester.

Jeff: About setting up meetings for the week of March 17, if Jacob hasn't already, we will let you know, either tonight or tomorrow, what our schedules are like for that week. Also, Jeff, the list of email addresses for the undergraduates has been modified. 

I hope this answers any questions you may have about our current situation. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Again, sorry about the poor communication on our end. It won't be a problem in the future.


Cameron Lefevre
Omega Chapter
Theta Chi Fraternity