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Highlights of Spring Meeting  

The combined meeting of the Board of Directors and the Alumni Corporation of Omega Chapter was held at the Chapter House on April 16, 1977 with all officers and four directors present. Also 12 members of the active chapter attended the meeting. 

A moment of silence was observed to honor the memory of our recently departed Brother, Dale Kaufman. 

Brother Ed Keller advised the actives were having a hard time financially as each year they begin with a debt of $1500 from the previous year. This is caused by fixed expense affected by inflation and low occupancy. It is required that 33 men must be paying at all times to break even. This requires 40 active members to care for losses due to graduation each term, drop-outs, and those away for practice teaching. There are still items of expense that remain to be done such as; installation of a hood over the kitchen range, replacement of the return condensate lines (which may or may not have to be done) and the replacement of a weatherstat. 

Brother Scott Ambler, Active Chapter President, reported the first floor and kitchen had been painted and the porch would be next. The lawn had taken considerable attention, time and effort and it was beginning to look well. He said 31 men were living in the house and they expected to add two pledges. 

Brother Ralph Stuck reported for the Fund Raising Committee and presented sample letters for use by the solicitors to contact the Omega Alumni. 

The long awaited Omega Alumni Directory finally was completed and 800 copies were delivered to the active chapter for mailing. 

A nominating committee was appointed by the President to select candidates to fill all officer positions and three directors whose terms expire with the Fall meeting 1977. 

Active Chapter Report

Spring term proved to be quite successful for the actives from the standpoint of rush. During Fall term, we will be operating two pledge classes consisting of a total of 13 men. Eight of these pledges have already completed part of their pledge program and the remaining 5 are to be pledged at the beginning of the Fall term. Two classes will bring house occupancy to 41, a figure which includes 5 Fall move-ins. 

In an effort to continue the success that we had with Spring term rush, the actives will be implementing changes in the Fall rush program. In this way we hope to improve upon the very disappointing rush we have had for the past several Fall terms. 

Projects completed by the actives during the Spring and Summer include the instal-lation of drop-ceilings in the second and third floor hallways, the repainting of the woodwork on the porch and the sending of several pieces of club room furniture out for re-upholstering. 
The active president is Brother Scott Ambler '78. Should you have any questions or information concerning the actives, feel free to contact Scott at the house. 

On behalf of the actives, I would like to invite all of our alumni to our Home-coming celebration the weekend of October 8. We can't help much with football tickets, but Friday and Saturday nights should be a pretty good time. We hope to see you then. 


Robert B. Mooney, Jr. '78
Co-Rush Chairman 

Emergency Fund Drive  

As we mentioned in the Spring 1977 issue of the Omegaphone, the Board.of Directors of the Alumni Corporation have turned to the alumni in search of a "helping hand" to help defray the costs of certain vital repairs to the house. These repairs included the replacement of the old steam boiler and a complete rewiring of the house, the total cost of which was approximately $20,000. 

The fund raising committee has reported that the results of the Fund Drive have been encouraging to date; however, there is certainly a long way to go to reach our goal of receiving a contribution from every Omega Chapter Theta Chi. The Board of Directors of the Alumni Corporation wish to thank those of you who have responded generously to our plea and urge those of you who have not to send your contribution as soon as possible. The Alumni News and Dues form enclosed herein can be used for your contribution. 

Alumni Corporation President's Message 

Another summer has all too quickly passed and once again Homecoming is approaching. Much has happened with Omega Chapter since you've last heard from us. Thanks to a very successful spring rush, we are approaching fall term with a full house (approximately 43). 

Hopefully, you have received your copy of the new Alumni directory, which was organized by Bob Patterson. Also, you should have been contacted by one of your classmates concerning the fund drive which is currently in progress. The proceeds from this drive will be used to reduce the amount of the new $18,000.00 mortgage, which was taken to replace the wiring and the heating units. The fund drive has been headed up by Jim Stalder '62, along with Tom Hornyak '72 and Ralph Stuck '52. If you haven't sent in your contribution and your 1977-78 dues, please mail them. 

The increasing alumni support is most encouraging. With more alumni returning each homecoming and founder's day, plus Penn State's expansion of Beaver Stadium for next year, we hope this will encourage more of you to return to Homecoming in 1977-78. 

With the completion of these repairs we now have a fairly safe and sound chapter house. Over the past few years we have replaced the furnace, wiring, roof, bathrooms and freezer. Through all of this we have neglected the interior living areas of the house. We are now badly in need of new furniture for these areas, as any of you who have been back to the Chapter house must have surely noticed. Hope-fully, this will be our next major project. 

Bob Patterson '30 and Win Orben '55 are retiring from the printing of the Omegaphone after this issue. Many thanks from all of us for a job well done. By the way, we are looking for an assistant for Bill Jenkins '75, who will be taking over the publication after this issue. 

Another reminder to send in your dues of $10.00 or more, plus your contribution to the repair fund if you haven't done so already. 

Homecoming is October 8th with a Cocktail party following the game. The alumni meeting will begin at approximately 5:30, with dinner following at 6:30. There is live entertainment planned for later in the evening. Hope to see you there! 


Toby Froehlich '72

Omega Alumni Tops in Giving  

A recent report by National President, George Kilavos, shows that Omega Alumni can feel proud of the results of contributing to the National Voluntary Alumni Dues campaign in 1976. Omega was first in amount contributed, first in number of contributors and third in percentage of participation. 

Alumni News 

Tom and Carol Hornyak '72 are the proud parents of a baby boy, Alexander Thomas, born on March 18, 1977. 

William L. Lear '73 graduated in May 1977 from the Temple University Medical School with a Doctorate in Medicine. He will be doing a residency in OB-GYN at Temple University Hospital. Dr. Lear and wife, Sandy, and son Bill II have a new address in Norristown, Pa.

Ed Messmer '70 is in Sales-Marketing for E & B Carpet Mills, a subsidary of Armstrong World. The Messmers have a 11/2 year old son and reside in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

John N. Weiss Jr. '70 is a Realtor in Rockledge, Pa. He is married to Ruth Snyder Weiss. They live with their two sons John 31/2 years and Matthew 6 months at a new address, in Meadowbrook, PA. 

Bob Caruso '74, a sales representative for Alcoa is entered in the MBA program at the University of Iowa. Bob lives in Davenport, Iowa. 

Robert L. Miller '75, a meteorologist with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge Tennessee, is studying the atmospheric effects of nuclear energy centers. He is presently living in Knoxville, TN. 

William H. Rooney '75 took the big step on February 5 by marrying 1974 "Sweetheart", Ellen Sutinen. They live in Philadelphia, PA. 

Barry A. Herr '60 is part owner of the Lawn Equipment Parts Co. Inc. in East Petersburg, Pa. He resides in Lancaster, PA. 





Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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