Fall 1975 Omegaphone

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President's Message  

Dear Brother, We hope to see you at Penn State Homecoming on Saturday, October 4, 1975.

Jim Stalder '62 is organizing a get together of alumni from the early 60's and there should be a number of people back from the other classes.

What you will see and hear about are the efforts of some very capable people we are fortunate to have had working for Theta Chi.

The actives are one of the biggest and best groups we've had in the house in years. With renewed effort in the Fall they may even have a reasonably full house.

Dave Beisswanger '74, Jeff Sleigh '75, Dave Douglas '76 and their fellow active chapter officers have faced a variety of problems with the resourcefulness needed to get us to this point.

The alumni chapter has had good turnouts for Homecoming (and other football games), an excellent Omegaphone and the strong possibility of an alumni directory in 1976.

Win Orben '55, Mary-Beth Orben and Bob Patterson '30 have done an outstanding job with the °megaphone. In addition, by having written minutes available before the meet-ings, Bob's efforts as Secretary must cut a half hour out of the time we would have to spend in that chapter room.

The team of Ed Keller '53 as Financial Advisor and Al Frey '33 as Treasurer has instituted tight financial plans and controls that are invaluable in times like these. Ed has also been providing plenty of general guidance to the actives.

I am grateful for the time and effort of each of these people plus the many other alumni and actives who have worked for the good of Omega.

Your dues and contributions make this newsletter, the cocktail party and everything else possible. Please don't forget to send in your ballot and check today. Thanks. See you October 4th.

David A. Heitzenroder, '64 

Condensed Minutes of the Spring Meeting of Directors and Alumni Corporation - May 10, 1975

The following officers and directors were present: Howard Alter, "Abe" Doan, Dave Heitzenroder, Win Orben, Bob Patterson, Ralph Stuck, Charley Zink and Ed Keller. Also in attendance were 19 enthusiastic and interested active Brothers. It was one of the best attended meetings by the Actives in a number of years. A summary of the reports and discussion follows:

  1. Treasurer: The Treasurer was absent but an informal report was given by Brother Ed Keller who had been advised by the Treasurer that the treasury was at rock bottom due to the fact the Corporation had just purchased an $1100 freezer and made a payment on taxes. He also reported that 12 additional Alumni had paid their dues since the recent issue of the Omegaphone. This makes a total of 88 paid members for the school year 1974-75. (The latest figure is 94.) The Active Chapter is still not paying their full share to the Corporation to keep the house in a healthy financial condition. This problem should be corrected in a year or so with increased membership.
  2. Grand Chapter: The Executive Director of Grand Chapter, Brother Howard Alter, advised that on a nation-al level, Theta Chi Fraternity looked very good. There are presently 147 active Chapters and their prospects for the future are very optimistic. He praised the Omega Active Chapter for its spirit and pride saying, "The report I received from my field representative who visited Omega Chapter was the best for this Chapter in the last 9 years."
  3. Financial Advisor: Brother Keller advised the Chapter is definitely on its way back. As an example an average of 22 men lived in the house a year ago; 27 this year, and he predicts an average of 33 next year. ('75-'76) Hopefully next year will be the break-even point. He pointed out the Fraternity was a victim of inflation like everyone is experiencing today. The utilities alone have increased 40 percent. A new chef (retired from the Army) had to be hired as Harry Gifford (Giffie's Father) became ill and could no longer work. The new chef's wages are up 100 percent. The answer to a successful financial operation for Omega is to have a full house of 40 men.
  4. Active  President: Brother Dave Douglas reported 13 men of 15 acceptees had been initiated this school year. Brother Douglas also stated they expected a total of 17 men to graduate during the three terms of 1975-76. He felt with the spirit, pride and teamwork of the present membership it would be no problem replacing the losses next year. He also re-ported on the Regional Conference that was held at Shippensburg Chapter. Brother George Kilavos, National President, attended the Conference and his untiring enthusiasm for Theta Chi was most inspiring to all Brothers present.
  5. Corporation President: Brother Heitzenroder complemented the active members for their enthusiasm, spirit and pride. He said it was the best group of Actives he had seen in many years. The house and yard were clean and looked to be in good condition which showed a lot of work had been done. He thanked Brother Keller for his help, guidance and advice to the Active Chapter as their financial advisor and Brothers Orben and Patterson for their work in publishing the recent issues of the Omegaphone.
  6. Living Room Ceiling: Brother Douglas asked what could be done about the living room ceiling which is badly cracked and needs repairs. It probably won't come down, but it gives the room a poor appear-ance. Brother Alter advised this had been a problem for years and once repaired it will crack again. Due to the low finances of the Corporations it was felt no major expense could be attempted at this time. It was suggested an estimate be obtained to see what the cost would be to repair the present plaster or cover it with sheet rock.
  7. Alumni Directory: Brother Patterson advised he had received a cost estimate from a printer to offset the computer printout lists giving name, address and year graduated. They would be bound in book form, 9x6 size, at a cost of $300 for 700 copies. If we were also to include a list of names only, by States, the cost would be a little more. In addition to the printing cost, there would be postage. It was suggested that to cover costs we charge $5.00 per copy to anyone who is not a paid member. This informa-tion to be placed in the fall issue of the Omegaphone with a tear-out form to be returned with payment.
  8. Bulk Mailing: Brother Doan reported he had contacted person-nel in the local Post Office regarding the mailing of the Alumni News Letter at a bulk rate. The probable cost would be less than two cents per copy where we now pay ten cents. There is another Fraternity doing this and there is a good chance we can quali-fy. Brothers Doan, Fred Roesch and Bill Jenkins will pursue the matter further.
  9. Wiring: Brother Sipp, House Manager, advised the electrical wiring in the house was in bad condition and needed replacement except for the kitchen which had been done. The insulation on the main feeder wires is falling off where they are attached to the wiring of the fixtures. Brother Zink and Kaufman and two actives, to be appointed by President Douglas, are to investigate this problem and also consider repair of the ceiling.
  10. Club Room Furniture: The club room furniture, mainly sofas, has been repaired by the brothers but will not last forever. Therefore, there will be a need to purchase new furniture in a couple of years.
  11. Nominating Committee: President Heitzenroder will appoint a committee to nominate Alumni for the various offices in the corporation and Board of Directors which expire in the Fall.
  12. Closing Remarks: Brother Alter introduced a visiting Alumnus from the San Diego Chapter, Brother George Harrison, who is currently the Counselor for Region ill-Central. He also advised Brother Charley Zink was soon to be appointed Counselor of Region Ill-West. Brother Alter then commented on the pride the present Actives are showing in their Fraternity. He said Omega ranks with 3 or 4 of the best he has seen this year. 
    R. B. Patterson, Secretary 

Additional Listing of Dues Paying Alumni

Thank you to the following Brothers who have paid 1974-1975 Alumni Dues of at least $10 since the list of 76 which appeared in the Spring Omegaphone: Baer, G. '73 Bell, L. '73 Conwell, F.L. '46 Crowers, R.T. '45 Doan, D.B. '46 , Gerhard, R.L. '58 Geuder, R.A. '29 Heitzenroder, D. '64 Lazorchack, M. '61 Le Grand, I.F. '34 , Mainwaring, A. '16 Paden, H.P. '29 Pierce, H.F. '43 Showalter, H. '50, Taylor, J.L. '49 Thompson, F.G. '30 Walker, G.E. '58 Wood, G.R. '48 

Directory Dope

It now appears that an alumni directory, such as described in the minutes of the spring meeting, could be published next spring. The feasibility of this will probably be decided at the Homecoming meeting and will depend on the financial condition of the Corporation and the amount of dues support received this fall. Publishing a directory complete with phone numbers and occupational information would undoubtedly be too expensive at this time. However, if you didn't respond to the request for directory information this spring, please add your title, organization, and business address on the back of the information slip below the ballot so we can build up better files for the future. If it is decided that a charge must be made for directories wan-ted by those who have not paid annual dues, it will be announced in the Spring.

Dues & Don'ts

Please don't forget to do your part by sending your annual dues of $10.00 or more for 1975-1976 along with your ballot and information slip today. The nominees listed have agreed to serve for two year terms. If you wish to write-in other candidates, please be sure they are willing to serve. 

Alumni News

George Baer '73 is a Reservoir Engineer for CITGO. He recently bought a house in Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Larry Bell '73 is in technical sales for the Photo Products Division of DuPont in upstate New York. He resides in Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

David B. Doan '46 is an independent Consulting Geologist. He has been busy with mining geology in western U.S., Canada, Latin America and Indonesia. Also petroleum work in N.Y. State, Penna., W. Virginia and occasionally consults for the Marine Corps. and other defense agencies. 

Richard T. Growers '45 is President of Growers & Company, a management consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. A daughter graduated from Penn State last year and one son is at the University of Georgia and the other is in the 9th grade. 

James L. Taylor '49 is Chief Industrial Engineer for Wells Manufacturing Co. in Skokie, Ill. His son will graduate from the U. of Ill. this fall and his daughter will be a freshman at Northern Ill. U. 

Albert H. "Chap" Mainwaring '16 lives in Collegeville, Pa. He was the founder of Uniform Tubes, Inc. and is now retired. He writes that he keeps in touch with "Rip" Mills '16 and "Track" Bechtel '16 two other Omega "founders" and sees Bill Sowden '22 of Willow Grove regularly. 

George R. Wood '48 is an Aide with the Philadelphia Board of Revision. 

Forrest G. Thompson '30 has retired as the President of Mushroom Supply Company and resides in Landenberg, Pa. 

Henry F. Pierce '43 is Director, Agricultural Chemicals Division, Hercules Inc. He resides in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Irving F. LeGrand '34 is Chairman of the Board of Air Engineers, Inc. in Whitehall, Pa. He resides in Allentown. 

Bob Patterson '30 was honored this year by the Penn State Club of Northern N.J. as the recipient of the Club's first distinguished alumnus award. On August 30th Bob was married in the chapel of Stanford University to Honor C. Denney. He and his new bride will be living in Nutley, N.J. and attending all the home games at State this fall.

Richard L. Gerhard '58 operates Gerhard Furniture in Tamaqua, Pa. and resides in Tuscarora. 

Paul H. McConnaughey '60 is Manager Building and Construction Application Engineering Division for ALCOA in Pittsburgh where he also resides. He is married to the former Mona Lou Bergman '60. He has two children, a son 5 and a daughter 9. They've been football season ticket holders since graduation and are busy with skiing in the winter and summers at the Jersey shore. 

Winfield "Pete" Smith '19 has retired from Owens - Illinois Product Research and resides in Newfield, New Jersey. He is active in the "Penn State Pioneers" and mentions that his Omega roommates were Abe Doan and Ellwood Cassel. 

Neal D. Rhoads '62 has been promoted to Manager of Purchases, Engineering, Operations and Supplies for The Hershey and H. B. Reese Candy Co. plants in Hershey, Pa, 

Toby Froehlich '70 has recently received his Pa. Real Estate Brokers license and is a partner in Froehlich Agency Real Estate in Erie, Pa. 

George E. Walker '58 is Engineering Superintendent for Hercules Inc., Bacckus, Utah. He resides in Salt Lake City. 

Francis L. Conwell, Jr. '46 is a medical doctor in Brookville, Pa. 

Harold E. Showalter '50 is Assistant to the Vice President, Engineering of Kaman Aerospace Corp. in Bloomfield, Ct. He resides in Simsbury. 



Thank you to all those brothers that shared their news.

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