Daily Collegian Story - Theta Chi Fraternity Celebrates Founding

The local chapter of Theta Chi fraternity yesterday celebrated, along with the other 116 chapters, the 100th anniversary of the fraternity's founding.

On April 10th, 1856, two young cadets at Norwich University in Vermont began the organization.

The Northeast Club, made up of students from Philadelphia. affiliated with the national fraternity April 19, 1919, to form a chapter at the University.

In 1922 Phi Kappa Mu, a local fraternity joined Theta Chi here and the group became larger.

The fraternity house, built in 1931, is located at the corner 523 S. Allen and Prospect streets.

Delegates from 117 undergraduate chapters and 54 alumni chapters, together with many other Theta Chi's, will meet at Northfield, Vermont, September 3 to 8 at the Centennial Convention. Northfield is the home of Norwich University.

William Landis, past president of the local chapter, and Tuiman Burch, president, will attend the convention.

Founders' Day was celebrated yesterday with a banquet at the fraternity house. A banquet and party were also held last Saturday in observance of the anniversary. Elwood B. Cassell assistant professor of engineering drawing and president of the alumni group, spoke at the banquet on the history of the local chapter. Sammy Kaye, nationally known band leader, dedicated his radio program "Sunday Serenade" last Sunday to the Theta Chi's.

In its century of development Theta Chi has become one of the largest college fraternities in the nation, with more than 42,000 members.

It is also one of the strongest financially, having an endowment fund of almost $1 million and chapter houses with a total evaluation of over $3 million. Ninety of its 117 chapters own their homes.

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