Omega Adds Fifteen Members and More - The Rattle, April 1929

Formal Banquet Concludes Initiation Ceremonies - Lose Leader in Boodon - Freshman Are in Activities
By F. G. Thompson - Penn State College, March 8, 1929

Omega’s initiation banquet was held March 8. All brothers were in formal attire and the initiates in white shirts with large red bow ties. G. W. Knight, toastmaster with keen humor, called on President  A. Geuder for his welcome speech to the newly initiated brothers. Alumnus Adviser Doan in “Ten Years in Theta Chi," reviewed the progressive steps of Theta Chi in the past ten years and gave his interpretations of the future beneficial results. Russel B. Nesbitt next gave a mighty impressive talk on what Theta Chi should mean to one stressing the fundamental principles and ideals upon which Theta ' is founded, also pointing out the educational benefits derived by experiencing cooperative living. Benjamin Conard next who effectively in behalf of the new members. College and fraternity songs were enjoyed. The initiates are: Joseph Bell, Jr., Sherwood K. Booth, John L. Carson, Benjamin J. Conard, Floyd W. Foster, Charles H. Hammond, William E. Hazzard, Harold C. Jordan, Walter L. Keene, Roy S. Maize, C. Edgar Newcomer, Kenneth L. Page, Samuel S. Sinclair, Charles P. Schwenk and Edward W. White. 

The Military Ball, on February 15, for which John J. Bowman, '29 was acting chairman, was quite a colorful affair.

We all feel the loss of John J. Boodon, who was graduated in February. He was president of the Scarab Society, member of the

Penn State Blue Band, several times a committee man, a star on the house football team, and a worthfly steward for several semesters. 

Max H. Hofiman is on the Soph Hop Committee. Charles H. Hammond, '82 has played in every freshman basketball encounter and is qualified for numerals. William Hazzard, '82, won his first bout in the freshman class boxing scrap. Sherwood Booth, ’32, was acclaimed a master of the xylophone when he played several selections at the Freshman Carnival. Benjamin Conard made his debut with the Penn State Players in the role of Charley Chaplain in "Aren't We All?”

The freshmen of Chi Phi and Theta Chi exchanged and accepted invitations to dinner parties during the past month. Several alumni visited us the past month. John J. Wallace, '26, spent a week-end at the chapter house. Spencer Clinger, '29, has stopped several times and is expected for the Sophomore Hop.

Maxwell Suerken, '30, accompanied the Penn State Glee Club to Pittsburgh where they sang, at the Carnegie Music Hail, in competition with seven other college clubs for the State championship. They returned with permanent possession of the Pittsburgh Press Trophy, having obtained first mention for three successive years. They will next compete for national honors in New York City.