Theta Chi - A Home Owning Fraternity and More, The Rattle, May 1926

As appeared in The Rattle - Vol. XIV No. 3 - May 1926

Penn State Chapter Plans A Farewell Dinner Dinner for Its Graduates-To-Be - Ten are Initiated and Three Pledged
By Brennan A. Geuder - State College, Pennsylvania, April 7, 1926

After initiation in February ten new members appeared at Omega. The men are: Robert L. Kerr, Kenneth Barnes, and Harold G. Nilson of Philadelphia; H. Carlton Valentine, Marcus Hook; Peter H. Marvel, Avondale; Ralph Sanford Bossard, Perkasie; Richard A. Geuder, St. Mary's; John Spencer Clinger, Norristown; Charles F. Wilson, Coatesville; John E. Boodon, Beaver. Since that time three men are wearing our pledge pin: Larry Shmucker, freshman wrestler, Gordon Altman of Erie and Gilbert Gruber, a very promising saxophone player.

The interfraternity basketball league contest is, as yet, unfinished, with Omega as one of the six remaining from the fifty that entered.

The chapter is planning a farewell dinner party for the graduating seniors. Plans are being formulated to make this an event that will not soon be forgotten. The coming Junior Prom is being anticipated by the upper class-men and by those of lower rank who are wily enough to gain admission.

New House Plans
Omega owns a lot and plans to build as soon as it seems feasible. We are, therefore, preparing for the future by taking out building and loan shares to the amount that in approximately six years will mature for $6,000. We also deposit initiation fees in a sinking fund. Our alumni are incorporated. At present the prospects are such that we shall have to wait at least four or five years before we can build, and at least two years before it will be feasible for us to buy property.

Theta Chi of PSU

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