The Degree of Theta Chi of Penn State

The Degree

AND NOW, to wit, this 27th day of April A.D. 1925, the within Charter and Certificate of Incorporation having been presented to me, a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas No. 2 for the County of Philadelphia, accompanied by due proof of publication on notice of this application, as required by the Act of Assembly and rules of this Court in such once made and provided, I certify, that I have examined and perused the same and found it to be in proper form and within the purpose named for corporation of the first class specified in Section second of the Act of General assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled “An Act to Provide for the Incorporation and Regulation of Certain Corporations”, approved the 29th day of April, A.D. 1924, and its supplements, and the same appearing to be lawful and not injurious to the community, I do hereby, on Motion of

Walter H. Farirs, ESQ., on behalf of the petitioners, order and decree that the said Charter of the Theta Chi of Penn State be and the same is hereby approved and upon the recording of the same and of the decree, the subscribers thereto and their associates and successors thence forth shall be a corporation and by the name of THETA CHI OF PENN STATE for the purposes and upon the terms therein stated.


Recorded in the office for the Recording of Deeds in and for the County of Philadelphia in Charter Book No. 90 – page 185.

WITNESS My hand and seal of office this twenty-ninth day of April, A.D., 1925.

Recorder of Deed