2019 Donors Honor Roll Call



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We like to thank all of you who donated this year. Your generous support means a great deal to Theta Chi. Thanks to you, and a growing number of other Alumni who have responded with similar gifts, we are able to do more to support our fraternity and continue to keep Theta Chi competitive with the fraternity system at Penn State. 

Kurt Nathan ‘73 - AF
Timothy A. Boyd ‘83 - AF
Alan Vladimir ‘85 - AF
Pau E. lVassil ’86 - AF
John Stagliano ‘87 - AF
Joseph Kidda ’88 - AF
Richard Maltz ‘90 - AF
Mark T. Kelly ‘95 - AF

Artem Dinaburg ‘07 - AF
Eric T. Forner ‘08 - AF
Nicholas M. Geyer ‘10 - AF
Aaron L Speagle ‘12 - AF
Edward J. Wallace ‘12 - AF
Kevin A. Trippel ‘14 - AF
Alex G. Nimmo ‘19 - AF


AF- Annual Fund Donation
CC - Capital Campaign Donation
WW - Donated towards Alumni Work Weekend
* - Donated Multiple Times in Calendar Year