George W. Chapman

George W. F. Chapman '20 Memorial Page

  • Omega Chapter President
  • Regional Counselor
  • Alumnus adviser of Omega Chapter
  • President of the Theta Chi Philadelphia Alumni Chapter
  • Served three terms of the Grand Chapter (1937-39, 1939-41 and 1941-46)
  • Twenty Years (1948-1968) as the Executive Director
  • Served as national treasurer, marshal, secretary, and vice president and president
  • First Theta Chi to receive the North American Interfraternity Conference's Gold Medal 
  • He planned and conducted the first School of Fraternity Practices
  • Produced and edited the Manual of Theta Chi Fraternity and the Handbook of Theta Chi
  • Awards - Theta Chi Distinguished Service Award, Theta Chi Alumni Award Grand Chapter and Omega Chapter, Theta Chi Golden Guard, NIC Gold Medal (1968), and the Silver Legion Certificate
  • Member of the National Interfraternity Conference House of Delegate
  • On the executive committee of the College Fraternity Secretaries’ Association
  • Honorary member of more than 60+ chapters

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