Dream Girl of Theta Chi

Dream Girl of Theta Chi - Sheet Music -  Download

Dream Girl of Theta Chi - Sheet Music - Download

By: Stuart Ludlow, Alpha Iota '29 and Howard Batman, Alpha Iota '29

I dream of the girl with the stars in her eyes,
And the gold of the sun in her hair
The smile in her glance tells of tender romance
And a love that I'm longing to share.
I'll build ber a palace, a mansion or two,
Or a castle way up in the sky,
But a cottage for two I'm sure will do,
For the dream girl fo Theta Chi.

The loveliest girls are the girls of my dreams
And the loveliest one that I've seen
Is not Sally, Louise, or Irene,
Or a girl smiling down from a screen;
The girls of all ages on magazine page
Don't cause me the slightest unrest,
For I've found the one girl - the stars, moon, and sun girl,
The girl I will aways love best.


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